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Perth and Kinross Community Planning Partnership (2007) Migrant Workers: your questions answered This short brochure produced by Perth and Kinross Community Planning Partnership, addresses some of the common myths that surround immigration and migrant workers. The brochure is presented in a very accessible format and popular myths for example that migrants take local people’s jobs or, are a burden on taxpayers are countered with factual evidence. The Planning Partnership highlights the key roles migrant workers play in the hospitality, catering, tourism, agricultural and care sectors. In some instances immigration has contributed to rural regeneration. The pamphlet also provides a glossary of common terms used in relation to EU migrants. For example, the term ‘A8 migrant’ is clarified and the reciprocal rights of citizens of other EU member states are explained alongside the rights of Scots in the EU. The brochure also tackles common public misconception over migrant entitlement to state benefits, housing, NHS healthcare and addresses the issue of policing. Read More Visit site Free Perth and Kinross Public sector