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Marsden, Ruth & Harris, Catherine (2015) “We started life again”: integration experiences of refugee families reuniting in Glasgow The research explores the experiences of families supported by the TCN Family Integration Service run by the British Red Cross in partnership with Scottish Refugee Council and Workers’ Educational Association. This programme piloted support for people arriving through refugee family reunion and ran from April 2014 until June 2015. The report highlights that the period immediately after family reunion can be a crisis point for refugees and their families when they are at higher risk of destitution and of homelessness or severe overcrowding. This occurs at a critical time of rebuilding family relations after months and often years of separation. It identifies gaps in integration pathways for young people and explores the risk of dependencies within families, particularly impacting women. Read More Visit site Free Refugee, TCN Glasgow Research Report
Moskal (2014) Polish migrant youth in Scottish schools: Conflicted identity and family capital Moskal (2014) presents research based on a study which draws upon observation of Polish migrant children in their home and school environments. Detailed interviews allowed the children and young people’s perspectives to be brought to the fore. The study also included input from the parents of the seventeen young participants. The overall focus of the study was on experiences of school transition for first generation migrants. This was framed within a context of transferability of educational success and social mobility. Drawing upon sociological theory, Moskal (2014) covers a range of concepts including the family, social and cultural capital. The author then discusses the potential use of policy and practice to support young migrants. See also a briefing paper by Moskal (2010) exploring the integration of Polish migrant children to Scotland through an examination of the role of schools in the integration process. Moskal et al. (2010) reflects on educational initiatives and policy and the need to consider migration processes. Read More Visit site £ EU City of Edinburgh, North Lanarkshire, Aberdeen City Journal article
Siraj (2011a) Isolated, invisible, and in the closet: The life story of a Scottish Muslim This study by Siraj (2011a) examines sexuality and Islam against the backdrop of life in Glasgow. In recent years, much research on lesbian identity and male homosexuality within an Islamic context has been published. Siraj (2009) explores Muslim attitudes towards homosexuality and perceptions of gender, Siraj (2014) explores how Muslim men construct and articulate their masculine identity and Hopkins (2009) presents related research. Yet research combining Islam and lesbian sexuality has been noticeably absent. Consequently, Siraj (2011a) responds to this research gap publishing an account of the life experiences of a Scottish Muslim lesbian woman living in Glasgow. The account sheds light on an important, hitherto untold and often hidden story. Read More Visit site £ Glasgow City Journal article