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Rice et al. (2004) National “English for Speakers of Other Languages” (ESOL) Strategy: mapping exercise and scoping study Rice et al. (2004) authored a Scottish Government commissioned study which explores issues faced by non-English speakers and their teachers within an educational context. The study provides a qualitative resource drawing on discussions and interviews with a wide range of participants. The report’s key findings include the recognition that there are long waiting lists for those wishing to enrol on English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) courses. In addition, there is a critical need for more qualified teaching staff and a lack of childcare facilities for parent-learners. The study also draws attention to the success of a number of small scale projects which have helped skilled migrants to gain their English proficiency certificates and to improve their employment prospects. Also see Rice et al. (2008) relating to publically funded courses, Weedon et al. (2011) for a workplace context, Wells (2012) for ESOL in the Outer Hebrides, Beadle and Silverman (2007) for a study which incorporates provider and learner perspectives and Learning Link Scotland (2007) for a study of the voluntary sector. Read More Visit site Free Scotland Scottish Government