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Rice et al. (2008) Do hours matter? The relationship between motivation and study intensity in learners of English in Scotland Rice et al. (2008) analyse national survey data pertaining to English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) learners enrolled on publically funded courses. The study compares the number of hours invested by ESOL learners and what motivates their decision to attend full or part-time classes. The study also considers the overall commitment in terms of number of classroom hours attended that each student is prepared to make. Rice et al. (2008) find that differences in learner motivation and aspiration inform these choices. Childcare or employment issues can influence choice, but decisions are also influenced by the desire to learn. The implications of the findings for course providers are also discussed. The authors identify the need for more flexibility in terms of class hours and times, for provision of childcare in order to allow ESOL migrants to fully engage in Scottish society both economically and socially. Also see an earlier scoping study by Rice et al. (2004) on ESOL strategy. Read More Visit site £ Scotland Journal article