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MacFarlane et al. (2014) Healthcare for migrants, participatory health research and implementation science—better health policy and practice through inclusion. The RESTORE project MacFarlane et al (2014) present details of the RESTORE project which is EU funded and due to be completed in 2015. The project promises increased knowledge of factors that impede the implementation of guidelines and training initiatives designed to make sure healthcare is accessible to migrants - both linguistically and culturally- and suits their needs. The project will also make policy recommendations with a view to overcoming such impediments. The study, which began in 2011, includes input from migrants and key stakeholders within the framework of an overarching comparative project undertaken in Scotland, England, Ireland, Greece, Austria and the Netherlands. This is a timely study within the context provided by the increased global mobility of the current era. The increase in global mobility necessitates a correspondingly culturally competent healthcare system. Read More Visit site £ Scotland Journal article