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Scottish Government (2013b) Scottish Government equality outcomes: Ethnicity evidence review This report provides a detailed account of the demographic composition and geographical location of ethnic minority groups in Scotland. Associated population trends are also explored. In addition, the report covers a range of issues including housing (and homelessness), social and cultural life, health and social care, relative poverty (including in-work poverty, financial security and the impact of welfare reform), the use of public transport (drawing attention to a need for provision of information in a range of languages), employment (including self-employment and pay gaps). The report identifies issues that affect ethnic minority children’s educational attainment, explorations of language acquisition, the post-school destination of ethnic minority children, further and higher education and workforce composition are all discussed. The subjects of justice (both in terms of access to and employment within the system) and demographics of the prison population are also tackled. In addition, findings on racially-motivated crime and attitudes to racial discrimination are presented and official data on recorded incidents are included. Read More Visit site Free Scotland Scottish Government