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Catto and Gorman (2010) The impact of recent Central and Eastern European migration on the Scottish health service: A study of newspaper coverage 2004–2008 Catto and Gorman (2010) analyse Scottish newspapers’ reporting of the impact of Central and Eastern European migration on NHS Scotland. The authors find a curious pattern. At first migrants were presented as a threat in media reports. Subsequently, a more reassuring presentation followed. In addition to the change in presentation the authors identify an increasing frequency of media reports relating to migration over the time period that the analysis was conducted. The study offers an interesting examination of media presentation in a climate of increased interest in the impact of migration post-EU enlargement. For studies which focus on migration and healthcare see for example Crawford et al. (2012) which focuses on Glasgow; George et al. (2011) which examines the financial impact of the provision of healthcare, and Kearns and Whitley (2010) which examines the health, Wellbeing and social inclusion of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in comparison to other residents of Glasgow. Read More Visit site £ EU Scotland Journal article