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Siraj (2011b) Meanings of modesty and the hijab amongst Muslim women in Glasgow, Scotland Siraj (2011b) provides a fascinating insight into debate surrounding the wearing of the hijab by Muslim women in Glasgow. The debate centres around whether or not the hijab is an obligatory part of Islamic dress for women. The issue is contested by Muslim feminists and traditional Muslim scholars. In addition, the author explores the meanings Muslim women in Glasgow attach to the hijab and modesty. Data is collected though interviews with female Muslim respondents half of whom did not wear the hijab. The study delivers some interesting findings, principally that both wearers and non-wearers of the hijab expressed consensus on the value of the hijab in relation to female modesty. Respondents were, however, divided on the issue of whether or not the hijab is a necessary piece of clothing. This study by Siraj (2011b) places the topic within a distinctly Scottish context and reveals the central importance of the concept of space to veiling practices. Read More Visit site Free Glasgow City Journal article