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Wren (2007) Supporting asylum seekers and refugees in Glasgow: The role of multi-agency networks This study by Wren (2007) explores the experiences of multi-agency networks which were established in Glasgow to facilitate co-operation between voluntary and statutory sectors for the support of asylum seekers across the city – and reflects the numbers of asylum seekers which have arrived in Glasgow as a result of the UK Governments dispersal policy implemented in 2000. The author highlights gaps in statutory service provision which have been consequently met by voluntary and community organisations and stresses the importance of such support in meeting the needs of Glasgow’s asylum seekers and refugees. Additionally, Wren (2007) draws attention to the implications of resettlement in areas of social deprivation, which may impact on social cohesion, but also of the existence of a policy framework which lacks continuity and consequently leads to frustration among service providers which is exacerbated by the contradictory policy goals of the UK and Scottish Governments. Read More Visit site £ Asylum seeker, Refugee Glasgow City Journal article