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Scottish Refugee Council (2013) Asylum in Scotland: The Facts This publication by the Scottish Refugee Council (2013) provides a factual guide to issues affecting asylum seekers and refugees in Scotland. The Scottish Refugee Council identified the need for such information to be made available. This report is a response to misinformation found in public opinion polls where asylum is often conflated with regular immigration. In addition, public attitudes towards immigration often confuse multiple issues such as race relations, globalisation and the European Union. Alongside clarifying definitions, this review provides a short informative summary which underlines the fact that asylum seekers are principally seeking safety when they enter the host country. The report also provides accurate statistical data on asylum numbers. It exposes some of the popular misconceptions surrounding asylum as well as showing the human face of asylum seekers and refugees by sharing some of their individual stories. In sum, Asylum in Scotland: The Facts provides an accessible factual guide to the asylum system and is a welcome contribution to informed debate on asylum in Scotland. Read More Visit site Free Asylum seeker, Refugee Scotland Third sector
Ugolini (2006) Memory, war and the Italians in Edinburgh: The role of communal myth With a focus on Edinburgh, this article by Ugolini (2006) sheds light on the diverse experiences of Italian immigrants during the Second World War when Britain and Italy were on opposing sides. This was a distressing time for many Italian immigrants across Britain (many were forced to relocate or moved to internment camps). The range of experiences in the Italian community have been suppressed and lost over time, supplanted by a dominant elite mythical narrative. Ugolini (2006) examines the construction of such lasting myths and frames the animosity shown towards the Italian community in wartime Britain within a context of reflection on general anti-alien sentiment. Also see Ugolini (2013) for a related study. Read More Visit site £ City of Edinburgh Journal article
Ugolini (2013) ‘Spaghetti lengths in a bowl?’ Recovering narratives of not ‘belonging’ amongst the Italian Scots Building on earlier work (See Ugolini, 2006) this study by Ugolini (2013) provides an interesting account of how second generation Italian Scots attribute a sense of ‘not belonging’ to the alienation the Italian community in Scotland experienced during the Second World War. The study provides an intriguing insight into narratives of childhood, Ugolini (2013) argues that the incessant animosity meted out to the Italian community during wartime was underpinned by an earlier discourse centred on race. In another study Hopkins (2008) discusses contemporary aspects of race in the context of debates over differences between Scotland and elsewhere within the UK. Read More Visit site £ Scotland Journal article