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Levels and Dronkers (2008) Educational performance of native and immigrant children from various countries of origin This study by Levels and Dronkers (2008) comparatively examines the Educational achievement across thirteen countries (including Scotland) of both native and migrant children. The analysis includes consideration of both the variety of countries of origin and the destinations of migrant pupils. The authors utilise data from the Project for International Student Assessment (PISA) from 2003 to suggest that understanding the differences in educational performance between native and first and second generation migrants can be gained through taking account of both the origin, destination and family characteristics of migrants. The authors further contend that the interplay between these factors can significantly inhibit the integration of some migrants. This study, while acknowledging the problematic aspect of consistent data, nonetheless provides a response to the lack of cross-national comparative research on the integration of migrant pupils. Read More Visit site £ Scotland Journal article