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Siraj (2010) “Because I’m the man! I’m the head”: British married Muslims and the patriarchal family structure This study by Siraj (2010) explores how married Muslim couples in Glasgow employ religion in to reproduce patriarchal family structures and gendered identities. Siraj (2010) examines participants’ views of such hierarchal structures. The author also explores how, as husband and wife, the couples negotiate their roles and how the role of ‘head of the family’ is constructed. The author reviews previous studies of Muslim masculinities in a UK context and includes clarification of the meaning of sex, gender and masculinity for the respondents. The research also seeks to understand how respondents differentiate gender roles accordingly. The author identifies the Qur’an as the source for the justification for the dominant position of men in the Muslim family unit and an interesting discussion on these discourses is included in this paper. For further studies on Muslim masculinities and gender, see also Hopkins (2004), Hopkins (2009), Siraj (2009), Siraj (2011a), and Siraj (2014). Read More Visit site £ Glasgow City Journal article