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Kozłowska, Sallah, Galasiński (2008), Migration, Stress and Mental Health: An Exploratory Study of Post-accession Polish Immigrants to the United Kingdom This study addresses a gap in the literature on mental health of post-accession Polish migrants to the United Kingdom. It was designed in response to an influx of migration from the ‘new’ to ‘old’ European countries and the first reports indicating distress among these migrants (Healthcare Commission, 2005 and 2006). This report presents prevalence of mental distress among these migrants and the pressure points threatening their mental well-being. Read More Visit site Free EU UK Research Report
Moskal (2013a) Circulating capitals between Poland and Scotland: A transnational perspective on European labour mobility Through examining the complex reality of Polish migration to Scotland, Moskal (2013a) highlights migrant commitment to both Poland and Scotland. This example is presented as a challenge to the concept of the ‘brain drain’ – which the author contends should instead be considered as a circulation of economic, social and cultural capital within a newly shaped European space. Moskal (2013a) highlights the increasingly transnational nature of the European labour market and migrant mobility. The gains and losses that Polish migrants experience (both at home in Poland and in Scotland) as a result of the decision to migrate are also explored. See also Moskal (2013b) for a further study which explores migrants’ use of social, cultural and economic capital and transnational connections, Moskal (2014) which covers a range of concepts including the family, social and cultural capitals. Also see Pietka (2011) which examines the concept of community and Trevena et al. (2013) for a study of migrant mobility. See Lassalle et al. (2011) for a study of Polish entrepreneurs in Scotland. Read More Visit site £ EU Journal article