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Dustmann and Frattini (2011) The impact of migration on the provision of UK public services The UK Labour Force Survey is the foundation of this report completed by Dustmann and Frattini (2011). It draws upon available data from 1994 to 2010 in order to explore the role of migrants employed within the UK’s public sector. Scotland is included as part of a regional comparison with areas across the UK. The report addresses a number of key questions such as how (non-EEA) migration impacts on the provision of UK public services; and is it possible to differentiate between the impacts of non-EEA migration at national, regional, and local levels. Additionally, the study considers the implications for UK immigration policy, and how the impact of migration can be most effectively measured. Finally, the study examines how the impact of migration on public service provision can be considered within an economic cost-benefit framework. Read More Visit site Free Scotland, UK UK Government document