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Mulvey (2015) Refugee integration policy: the effects of UK policy-making on refugees in Scotland This article examines the contradictory approach of the UK Government to refugee integration. It looks at how UK policy impacts upon refugee integration in Scotland within the context of the devolved settlement in 2014 (prior to any new powers) and contrasts these to some Scottish Government approaches. Read More Visit site £ Refugee Scotland Journal article
Support for Asylum Seekers in Further and Higher Education This leaflet is for asylum seekers living in Scotland who are undertaking or thinking about undertaking a further or higher education course at college or university and explains the funding that is available from the Scottish Government and colleges and universities. Read More Scotland leaflet
Welcoming Our Learners: Scotland’s ESOL Strategy 2015 - 2020 The English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Strategy for Adults in Scotland 2015 provides the strategic direction to ensure we continue to support high quality learning and teaching of English language in Scotland. Read More Visit site Scotland Strategy document