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Statistical profile of migrants from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) using data from Scotland’s Census 2011 The purpose of the Migration Matters Scotland project was to understand the needs of migrant populations in Scotland and assist public bodies plan and provide support services in line with migrant needs. National Records of Scotland had responsibility for undertaking Scotland’s Census 2011 and became involved in the Migration Matters Scotland project to: - assist public bodies to utilise fully the census data available. - provide additional data on the key groups of interest that had not previously been published. The Migration Matters Scotland project had a particular emphasis on non-EU migrants and the purpose of this report was to provide Scotland’s Census 2011 statistics on this migrant group as they were not part of the standard outputs. National Records of Scotland became involved in the project in order to provide appropriate data and offer some guidance on how census data can best be used. Read More Visit site Free TCN Scotland Scottish Government document