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Scottish Government (2013a) New Scots: Integrating refugees in Scotland's communities This publication outlines the Scottish government’s strategy for the support and integration of refugees and asylum-seekers in Scotland. The strategy was developed in conjunction with COSLA, the Scottish Refugee Council and a range of other support agencies with the aim to provide a framework for co-ordinating and maximising resources, to ultimately enable asylum seekers and refugees to rebuild their lives and make a full contribution to Scottish society. The strategy emphasises that integration characterised by a cohesive, multi-cultural community is in fact a two-way process that involves positive change both within newly arrived individuals and Scotland’s host communities. The document also provides a sizable amount of background information including policy context, housing, education, health, communities and social connections, employability and welfare rights. This strategy document provides a firm foundational framework for continuing work to make Scotland a more welcoming place for refugees and better facilitate their integration. Read More Visit site Free Asylum seeker, Refugee Scotland Scottish Government
Welcoming Our Learners: Scotland’s ESOL Strategy 2015 - 2020 The English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Strategy for Adults in Scotland 2015 provides the strategic direction to ensure we continue to support high quality learning and teaching of English language in Scotland. Read More Visit site Scotland Strategy document