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Perth and Kinross Community Planning Partnership (2013) Welcome to Perth and Kinross: Guide for new workers With copies also available in Czech, Lithuanian, Polish, Slovak and Hungarian, this booklet provides a valuable resource for migrant workers arriving to Perth and Kinross. The informative guide begins by extending a welcome and appreciation of the contribution migrant workers make to the area, before outlining the basic information any new arrival would need on housing, registering with a GP, registering for Council Tax, National Insurance number applications and opening a bank account: before expanding on these and further topics within subsequent sections. Within the section devoted to employment issues, the guide not only provides information for migrant workers but also offers advice for employers, and overall delivers an impressive array of information which is complemented by a list of important contacts. See also one of the organisation’s other documents (Perth and Kinross Community Planning Partnership, 2007) designed to addresses some of the common myths found within local communities concerning immigration and migrant workers. Read More Visit site Free Perth and Kinross Public sector