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Jack (2009) Eastern European migrant workers and the Scottish tourism industry: The economic impact Unravelling and making sense of the impact of migration is no easy task, one that is often hampered by the reliability and availability of data and the lack of a nationwide system to measure accurate migration flows. Nonetheless, this social and cultural study of the impact of migration by Jack (2009) investigates the impact Eastern European migrant workers have had on the Scottish tourism industry. The analysis presented includes only those migrants who are registered on the Workers Registration Scheme. Migrant labour emerges as a significant and valued contributor to the tourism industry. The study identifies language proficiency as a significant issue for employers in the sector, the same issue is also highlighted as crucial for Eastern European migrant workers in relation to remuneration and access to services. Tourism provides employment for approximately 2,000 people and worth several billion pounds annually, this study is a welcome look at the impact of migration on one of Scotland’s most important industries. Read More Visit site Free EU Scotland Independent research