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Conway (2011) Migrant workers in Perth & Kinross – The care sector This report by Conway (2011) reflects the need for Local Authorities to consider the suitability of their services in light of migrant trends to ensure both resources are available and services are suitable for migrants to access: and reflects Perth and Kinross’s position as a prominent destination for migrant workers arriving to the UK. The report presents detail of survey work completed on the areas independent care sector (identified as a major employer of migrant workers) and its key findings. Statistical data is provided on workforce demographics, which includes the age of employees and length of service, their roles within the care sector, their country of origin, and whether recruitment was completed by way of an agency or directly by an employer. Although the survey was extensive, it should be noted that it was not exhaustive as not all providers responded – nonetheless, it identifies legislative loopholes within the vetting process of migrant workers within the independent care sector. Read More Free Perth and Kinross Public sector
MEAD (2012) Perth and Kinross Community Intelligence Report This report presents the findings from work conducted by the MEAD Project looking at issues related to ethnic minority groups resident in Perth and Kinross. The report incorporates the concerns of ethnic minorities themselves, it details their needs and the barriers they face when attempting to access local services. The report provides a detailed demographic breakdown of local ethnic minorities along with a profile of the clients accessing MEAD services (by ethnicity, age, gender, employment status, whether or not they are an unpaid carer, suffering from a long term illness or disabled; or in old age). The report also includes a breakdown by ethnicity of the type of enquiries received by MEAD (for example: volunteering related, community participation, physical and mental health, financial, wellbeing, employment and education). The report identifies a clear need to increase volunteer numbers to meet the increased demands placed on resources. Indeed, some of this demand has resulted from the role played by MEAD in bridging the language and communication gap between services and communities within Perth and Kinross. Read More Visit site Free Perth and Kinross Public sector
MEAD (2013) MEAD Evaluation Report Commissioned by the Minority Ethnic Access Development department (MEAD) - a division of Perth and Kinross Association of Voluntary Service (PKAVS) - the report is the outcome of an external evaluation intended to uncover the opinions of Perth’s ethnic minority service users. While Perth’s ethnic minorities are not entirely homogenous groups, the report provides a general overview of how local Polish, Chinese, Pakistani and Indian community members engage with local services. A fascinating insight is given into their experiences of accessing local services. Issues addressed include encounters with language barriers, employment and volunteering, health service provision, community engagement and wellbeing. The report identifies a greater need to communicate the availability of MEAD services particularly to new arrivals. The importance of working to overcome the language barrier is also identified along with potential resource issues in terms of staffing and forging closer links with mainstream services. Overall, the report demonstrates MEAD’s willingness to listen to the voices of its service users. Read More Visit site Free Perth and Kinross Public sector
Perth and Kinross Community Planning Partnership (2007) Migrant Workers: your questions answered This short brochure produced by Perth and Kinross Community Planning Partnership, addresses some of the common myths that surround immigration and migrant workers. The brochure is presented in a very accessible format and popular myths for example that migrants take local people’s jobs or, are a burden on taxpayers are countered with factual evidence. The Planning Partnership highlights the key roles migrant workers play in the hospitality, catering, tourism, agricultural and care sectors. In some instances immigration has contributed to rural regeneration. The pamphlet also provides a glossary of common terms used in relation to EU migrants. For example, the term ‘A8 migrant’ is clarified and the reciprocal rights of citizens of other EU member states are explained alongside the rights of Scots in the EU. The brochure also tackles common public misconception over migrant entitlement to state benefits, housing, NHS healthcare and addresses the issue of policing. Read More Visit site Free Perth and Kinross Public sector
Perth and Kinross Community Planning Partnership (2013) Welcome to Perth and Kinross: Guide for new workers With copies also available in Czech, Lithuanian, Polish, Slovak and Hungarian, this booklet provides a valuable resource for migrant workers arriving to Perth and Kinross. The informative guide begins by extending a welcome and appreciation of the contribution migrant workers make to the area, before outlining the basic information any new arrival would need on housing, registering with a GP, registering for Council Tax, National Insurance number applications and opening a bank account: before expanding on these and further topics within subsequent sections. Within the section devoted to employment issues, the guide not only provides information for migrant workers but also offers advice for employers, and overall delivers an impressive array of information which is complemented by a list of important contacts. See also one of the organisation’s other documents (Perth and Kinross Community Planning Partnership, 2007) designed to addresses some of the common myths found within local communities concerning immigration and migrant workers. Read More Visit site Free Perth and Kinross Public sector
PKAVS - Perth & Kinross Association of Voluntary Service (2013) Annual Report The PKAVS (2013) Annual Report provides an update of the organisation’s income and expenditure and a wonderful insight into some of the work the charity undertakes supporting local people in need. Ethnic minorities are among those in receipt of support. The report details the activities that PKAVS undertake; for example, the Carers’ Services which supports those caring for elderly, sick or disabled partners or family members in addition to providing information and advice on carers’ rights. Activities undertaken by their service for Minority Ethnic Communities (MEAD) are discussed in the report, these have increased by 270% on the previous year. Eastern European migrants have made the most frequent use of MEAD’s services but a sizable number of Chinese and South Asian members of the community have also accessed MEAD. In addition to an update on the organisation’s Mental Wellbeing;Services and the activities of Voluntary Action Perthshire, the report gives details of the social-cultural activities and events designed to raise funds as well as bringing the multi-cultural community of Perth and Kinross together. Read More Visit site Free Perth and Kinross Third sector