GLIMER - Governance and the Local Integration of Migrants and Europe's Refugees

COSLA Migration Team is a key stakeholder in the trans-Europe research project, GLIMER (Governance and the Local Integration of Migrants and Europe's Refugees). The aim of GLIMER is to generate research that will help European cities and regions facilitate the long term inclusion of displaced people in a way that remakes local spaces.

GLIMER focuses on cities in Southern and Northern Europe - Glasgow, Scotland; Malmö, Sweden; Nicosia, Cyprus; Cosenza, Italy - and investigates how the local governance of new arrivals can secure successful integration across a range of indicators. GLIMER is working with civil society groups, local authorities, businesses, citizens and refugee groups in order to support sustainable urban development and the successful integration of diverse communities. This research is being carried out in close collaboration with practitioners with the aim of co-producing knowledge that can be beneficial for a range of stakeholders including civil society groups and NGOs as well as municipalities.

GLIMER is broken down into themed investigations - 

  • asylum accomodation governance
  • language and educational training
  • integration into the labour market and skills training
  • gender dynamics of reception and integration


The reports are uploaded to the GLIMER website as they are completed. 

(as of March 2019 the asylum accomodation papers and the contexual analysis papers had been completed)