Goodman (2012) Fortifying Citizenship: Policy strategies for civic integration in Western Europe


Goodman (2012) provides an in-depth comparative account of civic integration policy found in Western European states. Although not Scotland specific, the UK is compared with Denmark and Germany using a comparative case study approach. The case study is preceded by a more general overview of integration policy found across Europe. The study touches on the inclusive-exclusive nature of contrasting liberal and constrictive citizenship policies. The study highlights the differing strategies employed by states and the political pressures that shape citizenship policy. See also Beadle and Silverman (2007) which examines the introduction of the UK citizenship test on provision of English for speakers of other languages (ESOL) in Scotland and two examples of UK policy in a European comparative context – European Migration Network (2012) on linguistic integration and Migration Network (2013) on allocation of refugees to municipalities.

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Goodman, S. W. (2012) Fortifying Citizenship: Policy Strategies for Civic Integration in Western Europe. World Politics, Vol.64(4), pp.659-698.







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