Hall Aitken (2007) Outer Hebrides migration study: final report


Hall Aitken (2007) delivers a substantial report which frames an examination of migration in the Outer Hebrides within a broader context of migration in comparable rural areas; areas that are also characterised by depopulation. The report explores the main causes on both in and out-migration. Consequently, the study draws out policy and practice which could potentially be utilised to encourage in-migration and reduce out-migration from rural areas. In particular, the report recommends establishing a multi-agency partnership to address a range of areas such as enterprise development, housing needs, and engagement with young people along with making those who have already left aware of current opportunities. The recommendations on migrant integration extend to awareness-raising and provision of support for existing communities during the process of integration. The recruitment of migrant outreach workers to the role of intermediaries between migrant workers and agencies is also recommended along with a full assessment of both current and future training needs among migrant workers.

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Hall Aitken. (2007) Outer Hebrides Migration Study: Final Report. Report for Comhairle nan Eilean Siar (council), Stornoway, Western Isles Enterprise & Communities Scotland. Glasgow: Hall Aitken.







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