McAdam and Arizpe (2011) Journeys into culturally responsive teaching


This paper by McAdam and Arizpe (2011) discusses research connected to a comparative project which included research in Scotland, Australia, Spain and the USA. The authors present the views of three teachers who participated in the project which explored how both Scottish and migrant children reflect upon their own experiences of migration. How the same children reflect on the experiences of other children is also considered. This is achieved through engagement with contemporary picture books. The study involved small groups of mostly ethnic minority children and also included new arrival children who had recently migrated to Scotland either as children of refugees, asylum seekers or migrant workers. The children shared in common the experience of an interruption to their journey from their country of origin to Scotland. This paper presents the teachers’ responses to the learning strategies employed rather than the projects central focus which was on the children’s responses to the picture books.

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McAdam, J. and Arizpe, E. (2011) Journeys into culturally responsive teaching. Journal of Teacher Education and Teachers’ Work, Vol.2(1), pp.18-27.







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