McKinney et al. (2013) The experience of POI in the Scottish Schools


McKinney et al (2013) present analysis of the Scottish component of the Portfolio of Integration (POI) which in partnership with Oxfam Italia is a transnational project funded by the European Commission through the Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) and located within the Comenius Multilateral Projects programme. The POI project involves the use of a student Notebook device which has been designed by Oxfam Italia. Although a small scale study, the authors find the POI Notebook to be a helpful starting point for raising awareness of the issues faced by educationalists and institutions involved in integrating new arrival children. The authors conclude that both the Notebook and the overall POI project offer a valuable aid for both teachers and schools to proactively support the integration of migrant children, particularly when viewed within the context of Scottish schools general ongoing need for support to review and create policies and strategies and support for in-classroom practice.

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McKinney, S., Crichton, H., Britton, A., McAdam, J. and Arizpe, E. (2013) The Experience of POI in the Scottish Schools. In: Luatti, L. (ed) Observing in order to understand and operate in multicultural classes. The Notebook of Inte(g)ra(c)tion in Italian and European schools: Portfolio of Integration: the European experience. Arezzo: Oxfam Italia, pp.53-64.







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