Mulvey (2010) When policy creates politics: The problematizing of immigration and the consequences for refugee integration


This article by Mulvey (2010) presents the argument that the problems of integration for migrants, in particular asylum seekers and refugees, stems from a hostile political environment. The author contends that asylum seekers were firstly constructed as a threat by way of New Labour asylum policy and associated rhetoric that accompanied policy-making – such construction presented immigration as a problem and in turn created a sense of crisis within the domain of policy making – in turn the author argues, the crisis then fostered hostility within the general population towards migrants. This article clearly highlights the importance of the consideration of context in examining the policy-making processes of Government, and that the way policy is made is central to how it is subsequently received by the public. See also Bowes et al. (2008) for another study which assesses asylum policy and asylum experiences in a Scottish context, and Lewis (2006) who examines attitudes found within Scotland towards asylum seekers and refugees.

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Mulvey, G. (2010) When policy creates politics: the problematizing of immigration and the consequences for refugee integration. Journal of Refugee Studies, Vol.23(4), pp.437-462.








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