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17 October 2014

Website Tender Invitation

As part of our EIF funded Migration Matters Scotland project, COSLA is inviting submissions from web designers for an updated, redesigned version of our existing website with the addition of a migration policy database. The closing date for submissions is Monday 3rd November 2014. You can find out more by following this link to the tender document

19 March 2014

Tender for Evaluation and Support for Migration Matters Scotland

COSLA is inviting tenders for a researcher to undertake work to support the Migration Matters Scotland project.  The research involves supporting COSLA Strategic Migration Partnership to reflect upon the way in which they engage with migrants and support local authorities to respond to migration.  The researcher will also be responsible for working with COSLA Strategic Migration Partnership to produce a new resource to support local authorities to respond to the needs of migrants based on learning from the overall project.

19 February 2014

Baseline Research Tender

COSLA is inviting tenders to deliver baseline research as part of the European Integration Funded Project called Migration Matters Scotland. The baseline research will lead to an online searchable resource of research, policy and practice on the integation of migrants in Scotland, particularly non-EU migrants. You can find out more about the project via the Migration Matters Scotland section of the website where you can also download the tender specification.

10 February 2014

Migration and the Referendum Debate Conference

COSLA hosted a conference on Migration and the Referendum Debate on 7 February 2014. The Scottish Government's white paper on independence (November 2013) outlines a more open, yet controlled migration policy and this has been scrutinised by the UK Government in their Scotland Analysis paper on Borders and Citizenship (January 2014). The conference sought to capitalise on this unique opportunity for positive debate on how migration policy should be framed in Scotland's future, regardless of the referendum outcome.

18 December 2013

Migration Matters Scotland Project

CSMP has been succesful in a bid for funding to the European Integration Fund. The European Integration Fund (EIF) exists to support efforts made by Member States to facilitate integration of migrants, particulalry newly arrived Third Country Nationals into European society. Our project will address policy and capacity building across the different spheres of government, reinforcing Scotland’s capacity to coordinate, implement, monitor and evaluate national integration strategies for migrants, particularly Third Country Nationals.

09 December 2013

New Scots: Integrating Refugees in Scotland's Communities

Scotland's new strategy for integrating refugees in Scotland's Communities was launched this morning (9 December) at the Unversity of Glasgow.  The strategy was developed in partnership with the wide range of public, voluntary and private sector organisations involved in supporting asylum seekers and refugees to build a new life in Scotland.  The participative process was led by COSLA, Scottish Government and Scottish Refugee Council.  The result is a partnership plan that will be delivered over the next three years.

03 December 2013

Roma MATRIX project

Roma MATRIX is a European project that aims to combat racism, intolerence and xenophobia towards Roma and to increase integration, through a programme of action across Europe.

Roma MATRIX is a partnerhsip of 20 organisations in 10 EU Member States and Glasgow City Council is one of the organisations involved.

The project will run for two years from April 2013 to March 2015. It is co-funded by the European Unions's Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Programme.

25 October 2013

Collaborative Masters Project

The report and executive summary from CSMPs collaborative research project with Glasgow City Council, Glasgow University and GRAMNet on the impact of migrant children in Glasgow schools are now available to read on our website.  To find out more about the research and to download the reports, please click here.

25 February 2013

Social and Cultural Impacts of Migration

The report and executive summary from our pilot research project on the social and cultural impacts of migration are now available to download from our website.

11 January 2013

Workshop on Fostering Good Relations

COSLA is hosting a Workshop on Fostering Good Relations at its Conference Centre in Edinburgh on the morning of Friday 8th February.  This will enable representatives from local authorities to discuss the requirement, under the Public Sector Equality Duty, for councils to have due regard to the need to foster good relations and publish outcomes and report on their progress in this regard.  It will involve short presentations from invited speakers, small group and panel dis