COSLA is working in partnership to improve the lives of Scotland’s Gypsy/Traveller communities and to better protect their rights to a nomadic lifestyle.

National Action Plan

We are working to develop a joint action plan with the Scottish Government will support better experiences for Gypsy/Traveller communities. COSLA is particularly working to strengthen access to more and better accommodation options for Gypsy/Travellers, including permanent sites and temporary stopping places, that reflect their cultural needs and preferences.

Local Leadership

COSLA Leaders have directed COSLA to work in partnership with colleagues across the public sector to help to tackle racism and discrimination towards Gypsy/Travellers. We will be supporting elected members to champion the rights of Gypsy/Travellers in their local areas and identifying ways to strengthen policies and service delivery. Elected members are encouraged to get in touch with if they would like to be involved in this work.

Negotiated Stopping

We are currently working with five local authorities to test positive approaches to supporting Gypsy/Travellers who are living roadside. This work is drawing on learning from the ‘Negotiated Stopping’ model and is in partnership with members of the Gypsy/Traveller community.

Previous work

Our team has previously worked with Scottish Government to produce guidance for local authorities on improving the quality of Gypsy/Traveller sites and managing unauthorised encampments.

Read our latest political papers on Gypsy/Traveller issues HERE.

Last updated: 26/03/19