Our Outcomes

The team’s work is informed by the key principles that guide the work of COSLA and local government in Scotland. These see local councils as the glue which bind local communities, drive social cohesion, and support the most vulnerable people in society, and emphasise the importance of locally delivered and accountable policies and services. COSLA and councils have also been the driving force behind an outcome-focused approach to policy development and service delivery in Scotland and the team is very much focused on working together with partners to plan for, deliver and be accountable for, the following outcomes which underpin all of the work that we do:

  1. Local government in Scotland promotes a culture of equality and human rights;
  2. There is political and strategic oversight of migration issues from a local government perspective;
  3. Migration is managed through effective cross-sector partnerships and structures from a local to a national level;
  4. Local government in Scotland promotes equity for the Gypsy/Traveller community;
  5. Local authorities and the statutory sector understand the rights, entitlements and responsibilities of migrants within their areas and are able to respond effectively;
  6. Asylum dispersal is effectively planned, implemented and resourced with effective partnerships in place;
  7. Migrants are better integrated into local communities;
  8. Scotland is a hostile environment to the perpetrators of immigration crimes, and to those who seek to exploit migrants;
  9. Local migration policy is increasingly evidence based reflecting the particular needs of local authorities and communities throughout Scotland.