Siraj (2014) “Men are hard … Women are soft”: Muslim men and the construction of masculine identity


Siraj (2014) defines masculinity as a social construct which comprises values and qualities commonly attributed to males. The author conducts interviews with Muslim men in Glasgow for an analysis that explores how Muslim men construct and articulate their own masculine identity. Participants were drawn from a number of ethnicities, including Pakistani, Arab, Indian, and African. The paper includes a contextual overview of prominent social science research on masculinity along with a more recent study of the construction of Muslim men’s masculinity. Siraj (2014) analyses the concept of masculinity as expressed by the study respondents within the context of their religion. The research explores respondents’ narratives of how they define, construct and maintain their own masculine identities. The author finds that Muslim men construct masculinity within both biological and religious frameworks. For further studies of Muslim masculinities see also Hopkins (2004) and Hopkins (2009).

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Siraj, A. (2014) “Men Are Hard … Women Are Soft”: Muslim Men and the Construction of Masculine Identity. International and Cultural Psychology, Vol.4, pp.101-116.







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