Stewart (2005) Employment and integration of refugee doctors in Scotland


This study is part of a wider body of work undertaken by the Global Commission on International Migration (GCIM) launched by the UN Secretary-General. This approach has been taken in recognition of the importance of migration to the international community. The resulting reports published as part of the Global Migration Perspectives collection are intended as a contribution to discourse on international migration. This report by Stewart (2005) examines the integration of refugees and asylum seekers from a Scottish perspective. The study examines the issue of integration using the employment of refugee doctors as a case study. The study reviews Glasgow’s position in the context of the UK’s asylum dispersal policy, highlighting the structural impediments that may impact on employment. The research also notes that integration is a process that draws unique individual and institutional factors together. This collaborative research project - conducted in Glasgow - exposes the challenges to integration which stem from UK legislative frameworks, most notably the policy of precluding asylum seekers from employment.

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Stewart, E. (2005) Employment and Integration of Refugee Doctors in Scotland. Global Migration Perspectives, No. 49. Geneva: Global Commission on International Migration (GCIM).







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