Stewart (2009) New issues in refugee research: The integration and onward migration of refugees in Scotland: A review of the evidence


This research paper by Stewart (2009) sets out to establish the central importance of mobility in research on refugee integration. The paper gives a contextual background which considers existing UK policy on asylum. This is followed by a discussion of theoretical aspects of the study of refugee integration. The study draws on Scottish Refugee Council (SRC) data - including a case study of Glasgow – to identify the individual diversity and geographical characteristics of onward migration. These factors are considered both during the process of seeking asylum and post asylum decision. The author makes use of the SRC data to question how refugee integration may be connected to onward migration and to consider any influences involved in individual migratory decision-making. The study also examines how such factors may shed light on the process of refugee integration. For further studies on the onward migration of refugees see Stewart (2012) and see Ager and Strang (2010) on refugee integration.

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Stewart, E. (2009) New issues in refugee research: the integration and onward migration of refugees in Scotland: a review of the evidence. Discussion paper. Geneva: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.







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