Strang and Quinn (2014) Integration or isolation?: Mapping social connections and well-being amongst refugees in Glasgow


Strang and Quinn (2014) explore the social networks and connections of Iranian and Afghan refugee men in Glasgow in relation to understandings of mental health and well-being. Using workshops, presentations, discussion and individual and group tasks along with input from a mental health professional, Strang and Quinn (2014) draw out and map this hard to reach group's range of social bonds, bridges and the links that they utilise alongside their indicated levels of reciprocal relationships and trust. A number of recommendations emerge from the research, notably a need to address the uncertainty of asylum claims along with issues of family reunion, poverty and support for asylum seekers and refugees to enable the development of reciprocal friendships. The research gives a voice to Iranian and Afghan refugees in Scotland, allowing them to openly express their experiences, and ultimately contributes to a better understanding of their circumstances and those of other refugees and asylum seekers in Scotland.

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Strang, A., B. and Quinn, N. (2014) Integration or isolation?: mapping social connections and well-being amongst refugees in Glasgow. Glasgow: NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde.







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