Tindal et al. (2014b) Immigration policy and constitutional change: The perspectives on Scottish employer and industry representatives


This study is based upon online survey data and interviews with employers and industry representatives. Tindal et al. (2014b) analyse the opinions held by those working in Scotland’s key economic sectors regarding migration policy and the 2014 Scottish independence referendum. The study highlights the differences between the Scottish Government’s position on immigration policy and that of the UK (Westminster) government. The authors frame the issues within a ‘future context.’ The findings are therefore relevant regardless of the outcome of the referendum. The authors present the views of business leaders and employers who participated in the study. These respondents highlighted a need for change in immigration policy (echoing the position of the Scottish Government) in order to best serve the needs of Scottish business. Business leaders were particularly in favour of reviewing restrictions on non-EU migrants which – they argued – restricted economic growth.

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Tindal, S., McCollum, D. and Bell, D. (2014b) Immigration policy and constitutional change: the perspectives on Scottish employer and industry representatives. CPC Working Paper Number 44, Southampton: ESRC Centre for Population Change.







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