Bowes and Domokos (1993) South Asian women and health services: A study in Glasgow


Bowes and Domokos (1993) examined the healthcare experience of a selection of Glasgow’s South Asian women (mostly of Punjabi origin). They investigate the women’s own experiences through interviews. The authors also discuss the experiences of the women’s families. A number of issues emerged, such as a necessity for greater translation assistance and a need to challenge discrimination and stereotyping within health service delivery; the study stresses the importance of accessing the unheard voices of this minority group by focusing centrally on their concerns over healthcare. Although the study focused on a specific ethnic minority group and dates from the 1990s, it suggests additional areas for further research and its key finding is significant: rather than cultural barriers it is the healthcare system and occurrence of racism which inhibit full access to healthcare services for South Asian women in Glasgow.

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Bowes, A. M., and Domokos, T. M. (1993) South Asian women and health services: A study in Glasgow. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, Vol.19(4), pp.611-626.








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