Bowes et al. (1990a) The changing nature of Glasgow's ethnic‐minority community


Bowes et al (1990a) chart the changes exhibited by ethnic minority groups in Glasgow (mainly within the context of council housing). The discussion is based on data gathered as part of an earlier local authority funded study. The paper incorporated data from the electoral register, which although limited in some respects, was nonetheless the best data available on household composition. The data are complemented by a household survey undertaken by the authors. The analysis shows the average ethnic minority household size as notably greater than the overall Glasgow average. In addition, the paper discusses ethnic minority employment patterns, the first and second languages spoken within households, and mobility. Although the study pre-dates the diversity seen today in Glasgow, it nonetheless provides an interesting snapshot of a period of change amongst Glasgow’s ethnic minority communities.

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Bowes, A., McCluskey, J. and Sim, D. (1990a) The changing nature of Glasgow's ethnic‐minority community. The Scottish Geographical Magazine, Vol.106(2), pp.99-107.







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