Bowes et al. (1990b) Racism and harassment of Asians in Glasgow


Although a study of racism during the late nineteen eighties, Bowes et al (1990b) combine case-study methodology and survey data to provide analysis of both institutional and interpersonal racism as experienced by the Asian community in Glasgow and considers those experiences within a wider Scottish context. With a focus on the policies of the Housing Department of the then Glasgow District Council, the paper begins with a interesting discussion of the use of central terms, which allows the authors to present an explanation for their use of the term ‘racial harassment’ in preference to that of ‘racist harassment’. Overall, the study found a general lack of enforcement rendered anti-racist measures ineffective when it came to addressing institutional racism. See also Bowes et al (1990a) for a study dating from the same period which also considered issues faced by Glasgow’s ethnic minority communities in relation to council housing.

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Bowes, A. M., McCluskey, J. and Sim, D. F. (1990b) Racism and harassment of Asians in Glasgow. Ethnic and Racial Studies, Vol.13(1), pp.71-91.







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