Deakins et al. (2009) Minority ethnic enterprise in Scotland


Focusing on ethnic minority businesses, Deakins et al (2009) present a Scotland-wide study which analyses both interviews and statistical data and highlights the diversity of entrepreneurial experiences found across Scotland (both geographically and between business sectors). The study uncovers some of the coping strategies and innovation used by minority businesses with particular reference to attempts at diversification into new markets. Issues including racism, crime and security were found to be significant factors in determining the success of the diversification. The study calls for policy and policy implementation to improve communication and promote diversity, which the authors contend provides an important platform for business creativity and innovation. See also Deakins et al. (1997) who demonstrate that marketing strategies and networks are integral to the success of small ethic minority business and Deakins et al. (2007) a study that uncovers the complexity and relevance of social capital for ethnic minority business. For a study of Polish entrepreneurs in Scotland see Lassalle et al. (2011).

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Deakins, D., Smallbone, D., Ishaq, M., Whittam, G. and Wyper, J. (2009) Minority ethnic enterprise in Scotland. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, Vol.35(2), pp.309-330.







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