HMIe (2009) Count us in: Meeting the needs of children and young people newly arrived in Scotland


This report by HM Inspectorate of Education is primarily intended for teaching staff and support workers involved in pre-school centres, primary and secondary schools. The report would also be of interest however to a wide range of parties interested in supporting migrant children and their families such as community learning and development staff, English as an additional language and bilingual support services staff, youth workers, voluntary organisations, and community and faith groups. The report discusses the practices Scottish schools have adopted to provide support for newly arrived migrant children and their families – this includes examples of measures introduced by school staff to help new arrivals feel welcome, increase their confidence and fulfil their potential. In addition, the report also highlights areas where Scottish schools and education authorities could improve their provision of learning and support for all learners.

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HMIe. (2009) Count Us In: Meeting the Needs of Children and Young People Newly Arrived in Scotland. Livingston: HM Inspectorate of Education.







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