Hopkins (2007a) ‘Blue squares’, ‘proper’ Muslims and transnational networks: Narratives of national and religious identities amongst young Muslim men living in Scotland


Hopkins’ (2007a) study highlights the importance of global connections to young Scottish Muslim men in terms of their African or Asian heritage, and the ways in which markers of their identity vary considerably. The study explores issues of religion and nation from the perspective of young Muslim men in Scotland, placing their own narratives within the context of narratives of location, dislocation and positionality as offered by Floya Anthias. Also see related work by the same author: Hopkins (2004) which, examines the complexity of national identity for young Scottish Muslim men in a post 9/11 context, Hopkins (2007b) which challenges the view that Scotland’s youth are disengaged from mainstream politics and Hopkins (2009) which focuses on the experience of young Muslim men in Edinburgh and Glasgow within the context of debate surrounding masculinity.

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Hopkins, P. E. (2007a) ‘Blue Squares’, ‘Proper’Muslims and Transnational Networks: Narratives of National and Religious Identities Amongst Young Muslim men Living in Scotland. Ethnicities, Vol.7(1), pp.61-81.







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