Kay and Morrison (2013) Evidencing the social and cultural benefits and costs of migration in Scotland


This collaborative study explores the social and cultural impacts of migration in Glasgow. In addition, the study addresses the question of how such local level experiences can be mapped out and evidenced in a manner that contributes to policy debate at local, regional and national levels. The study utilised the knowledge and experience of key stakeholders who provide support and other services to migrants within the city. Data were collected through interviews and workshops. Kay and Morrison (2013) highlight a number of key themes that emerge from their work. The authors draw attention to some of the implications and policy lessons to emerge from the research and provide a succinct survey of both current and potential further research. Intended primarily as a pilot study, the research involved collaborative work between the University of Glasgow, COSLA Strategic Migration Partnership (CSMP) and Glasgow Refugee Asylum and Migration Network (GRAMNet), it provides an excellent platform for further collaborative research within this important area of migration study.

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