Kirkwood et al. (2014) ‘He's a cracking wee geezer from Pakistan’: Lay accounts of refugee integration failure and success in Scotland


The work of Kirkwood et al. (2014) addresses an under-researched area within the study of migrant integration. The study explores the role of discourse and its rhetorical function in discussions on refugee and asylum seeker integration. The focus of past research has been on the development of ways of measuring levels of integration. Here, the authors shift their focus to an analysis of how discourse feeds into popular views of the success or failure of integration. As such, the study is an important contribution for better understanding interactions at the community level and the relationship of discourse to policy and practice. For more on asylum seeker and refugee integration, see Mulvey (2013) or Aspinall and Watters (2010) account of issues faced by refugees and asylum seekers in a number of domains including health, education and employment. Also, Bowes et al. (2008) focus on local and sub-national level analysis and Lewis (2006) examines attitudes towards asylum seekers and refugees found within Scotland.

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Kirkwood, S., McKinlay, A. and McVittie, C. (2014) ‘He's a Cracking Wee Geezer from Pakistan’: Lay Accounts of Refugee Integration Failure and Success in Scotland. Journal of Refugee Studies, doi: 10.1093/jrs/feu003.







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