Creating accessible services

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7. Creating accessible services

7.12 Exploitation and serious organised crime

Migrants can be particularly vulnerable to exploitation.  Unfortunately, some migrants become the victims of serious and organised crime.  There are particular problems around human trafficking, labour exploitation and sexual exploitation.  These crimes are often linked to other forms of serious and organised crime, including drugs trafficking.

Labour exploitation can take many different forms.  It can involve people being forced to work in domestic servitude in people’s homes.  It can involve workers who are unaware of their rights and are being paid below minimum wage or are losing out on employer’s national insurance contributions.  It can involve violation of people’s human rights and restrictions on people’s freedoms.  Often the most vulnerable people are the most likely to experience these exploitative situations.  

Human trafficking is the illegal trade in human beings, both adults and children, for the purpose of commercial exploitation.  People are trafficked into the UK for labour exploitation and sexual exploitation.  There is a National Referral Mechanism for victims of trafficking, which includes supporting people while they reflect on their options and consider criminal proceedings.  Police, local authorities and others are ‘first responders’ under this mechanism, and need to know how to respond if there are concerns or reports of human trafficking.  For example, consideration should be given as to whether unaccompanied asylum seeking children could have been trafficked and if they require specialist support.

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A new Human Trafficking and Exploitation Bill is being considered by the Scottish Parliament in 2015. 

Police Scotland has produced guidance on potential signs of human trafficking.

The National Crime Agency has produced a guide on issues and sensitivities to consider when working with potential victims of human trafficking.

The Trafficking Awareness Raising Alliance in Glasgow supports women who may have been trafficked for the purposes of sexual exploitation.

Migrant Help (UK wide) brings expertise in supporting victims of human trafficking and modern day slavery.