Creating accessible services

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7. Creating accessible services

7.7 Community learning and development

Community learning and development has a key role in supporting migrants to integrate with and contribute to their communities.  It can greatly contribute towards building good relations, and supporting people to become active in their communities.  This is important in itself, contributing to the wellbeing, social networks and happiness of migrants.  It is also an essential first step in engaging with migrants to involve people in decisions about what happens in their community.  Community learning and development is often a route in to ongoing involvement in communities at local, regional and national level.

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Education Scotland’s Same Difference guidance provides advice on how to consider a range of equalities issues in community learning and development.

This paper by NIACE (the National Institute of Adult Continuing Education) explores the role of lifelong learning in integration in England and Wales.

This research by the Community Development Foundation explores community development responses to building cohesion in England and Wales.

Case study

Kulture Klub in West Lothian is supported by Voluntary Sector Gateway, West Lothian.  It aims to integrate young people aged 11 to 16, by breaking cultural barriers and creating a fusion of music, art, food and language.  It recently hosted a special event in Broxburn in 2015, which included Asian jewellery stalls, Arabic and Indian clothes, origami, Bhangra dancers, Punjabi Dhol drummer, Scottish bagpipers and drums and vegan, Indian and Pakistani foods.  One hundred and fifty people attended.  West Lothian Council plans to support the group to run further workshops and activities for young people in the future.