Weishaar (2010) “You have to be flexible”—Coping among polish migrant workers in Scotland


In this study Weishaar (2010) builds on earlier work (See Weishaar 2008) to provide further examples of the difficulties Polish economic migrants face when trying to cope with migration. With a focus on Edinburgh, Weishaar (2010) provides a detailed account of the successful strategies Poles employ to offset the strain of migration. The study is based on focus groups and interview data. Findings reveal that respondents are resourceful and resilient and that social support needs to be an integral part of the adjustment process. The findings discussed in this study have implications for any host country with considerable migrant populations. A better understanding of the relationship between coping with migration and health, coupled with more targeted support, may have considerable benefits for public health. Also see the report by Love et al. (2007) on the specific health needs of Polish migrants in Aberdeenshire and NHS Grampian region.

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Weishaar, H. B. (2010) “You have to be flexible” – Coping among polish migrant workers in Scotland. Health & Place, Vol.16(5), pp.820–827.








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